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Trust Fall

Never mind the four months it’s been since we’ve seen each other. Never mind the static that has crept up my spine every interim day when I remembered he was hoping to come. He is here, close enough that I can hear his steady breathing. Still, when he sighs the question, Are you really going to move to my city? It doesn’t seem real, I can’t answer. Instead, I start talking about the weather. Stupid to leave Vancouver Island during fire season, I say. 

This piece was anthologized in Fire Season 2. You can read it here.


The Dignity of Risk

Layered onto these symptoms was my blind fear of them, a vicious cycle of disorientation compounded by panic at my own disorientation. It made me dizzy. It made my vision dilate to a pinhole of light beyond which the world was blurry, jagged, and dark. My mind failed me, and I learned to let it. 

Trail Runner Magazine. July, 2022.


Where Glaciers Melt, New Ecosystems Emerge

BC’s interior mountains—the Selkirk, the Purcell, the Monashee, and the Cariboo Ranges—are experiencing some of the most rapid melt of any place on Earth. Some models predict a BC landscape with no glaciers at all as early as the 2080s. I had come to the Selkirks expecting to be overcome by a leaden grief. But with every inch a glacier recedes, new habitat emerges for cold-weather species that will be pushed out of the surrounding valleys as they warm.

Sierra Magazine. July, 2022.

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Climate Adaptation's Disability Crisis

Last year was, for many in B.C., the year that climate change whiplashed into the present tense. It is here. It is disproportionately killing disabled people. It is, in part, a lack of anticipation. When the heat dome came, there was no plan to distribute air conditioning units to people whose medical conditions make them heat-sensitive; there was no plan to transport those with mobility limitations to cooling centres, nor any teams deployed to bring batteries or back-up generators to the homes of those whose power was cut. 

Briarpatch Magazine. June, 2022.

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