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In April, 2022, I completed a Master's of Science in Environmental Studies at the University Victoria. 

My thesis, Moving At A Glacial Pace: A Biogeomorphological Analysis of Ecological Succession in Recently Deglaciated Terrain, Selkirk Range, BC is available online, courtesy of the University of Victoria Library. With the Mountain Legacy Project, I researched whether landscape-level responses to rapid deglaciation in small, cirque glaciers is consistent with rates of melt observed at nearby, glitzier glaciers (tl;dr -- they aren't!) in the Selkirk Range near the headwaters of the Columbia River in so-called British Columbia. Also: what does all this mean for communities down stream?

In 2022, the artist Suzanna Zak opened an exhibition at the bad water gallery in Knoxville, Tennessee, showing work inspired by my research. The press release from that show writes:












Coming Home to the Ice Age features a new body of sculpture and photography by Suzanna Zak inspired by her participation in a July 2021 research excursion studying the effects of climate change in the Selkirk Range, British Columbia. Initiated by researcher Astra Lincoln for the University of Victoria’s Mountain Legacy Project, the trip’s purpose was twofold—to document the recession of the Avalanche glacier, and gain insight into how post-glacial ecologies are shaped by this kind of geomorphological activity. These works extend from Suzanna’s scientific ‘transect’ and personal photographs taken on and around the Avalanche’s glacial forefield—that is, the new terrain exposed after glacial melt, unearthing the uncanny potential for a ‘new’ ecosystem in the wake of a glacier that had persisted for millenia. A combination of empirical evidence and intimate moments in the mountains, these images offer us a partial access to this geological wonder and the timescale it represents.


In the spring of 2021, I was interviewed about my current research interests. You can listen to that interview here.


Awards include the Lorene Kennedy Travel Grant for Academic Research, Geoscientists of America Graduate Research Award, American Alpine Club's Research Grant, P.E.O. International Award for Women in Continuing Studies, a 2020 UVic Environmental Studies Graduate Study Award, Jason Lee Award, AlpKit Foundation's "Go Nice Places, Do Good Things" Grant, American Alpine Club's Live Your Dream Award, and a Lily Foundation Independent Research Grant.


You can read my unpublished undergraduate thesis about the collapse of public intellectualism following the 1968 protests in France as shown by Michel Foucault and Roland Barthes' debate about authorship, authority, and the individual, here

My full CV is available upon request.

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